Gifts Under $15

LENOX Gold Titanium Edge Utility Blades

Lenox Utility Blades - Gifts Under $5The 5 Pack of LENOX Gold Titanium Edge Utility Blades (Item #20350-GOLD5C) are a must have for all of your cutting needs from cutting drywall, wire insulation, to flooring and much much more!

  • Blades have a high speed steel edge with titanium coating that keep the blades cutting long after others have quit.
  • The patented bi-metal construction allows the blades to bend and flex without breaking.
  • The four notch system allows the blade to extend further.
  • The LENOX Gold Titanium Edge Utility Blades fit all standard utility knives!
  • Grab a Lenox Gold Utility Knife for less than $15 to go with these high quality blades!


IDEAL GFCI Tester - Gifts Under $10Pick up an IDEAL GFCI Tester (IDEAL Item # 61505) for ease and accuracy of testing outlets!

  • Warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles.
  • Quick and safe way to test circuits!
  • For use on 125VAC circuits.
  • Compact design fits easily in your pocket!


G-Tek MaxiFlex Gloves – You’ll Want a Pair!

MaxiFlex Gloves - Gifts Under $5Hate trying to work in bulky cold weather gloves but want some protection on our cold Northern and CNY days? Do you want a glove that allows you to maintain your ability to make up joints, twist on wirenuts, or strip wire?  G-Tek MaxiFlex gloves are your answer!

Used for work that requires fine motor skills and sensitivity especially in our cold climate; These gloves provide excellent grip as well as a light touch  the nitrile is ‘like having a thicker skin’. Meets safety standards for protection from cuts, tears, punctures, and abrasions.

  • Finger tips and palm coated
  • Micro-foam nitrile butadiene rubber coating
  • Great for picking up small, slippery items
  • Knit stretch nylon liner
  • Breathable Air Tech technology keeps hands dry
  • Comfortable for gripping
  • Silicon-free
  • Repels water & light oil
  • Excellent for dry environments

Be sure to try them on at any of our counters to see how they feel! A little heads up though – these run a bit small – so for wearers who normally wear a medium glove – you may want to try the size large.

City Electric Tape Measure: 25′ x 1″

City Electric 25' Tape Measures - Gifts Under $10Buy one for the garage, one for the basement, one for the car, one for the boat, one for work…

These handy tapes (Item # SYG 775025) are heavy duty with a coated blade to resist wear. As a bonus you’ll always have our phone number nearby!

200 Count Boxes of Staples (Data Communications or Romex)

Residential Wiring Cable - Data Cable Staples - Gifts Under $10

200 Count Boxes of Staples (Data Communications or Romex) for the Gardner Bender Romex and Data Communications Stapler (Item #MPS203). Check out the Garden Bender Stapler for under $30!


Cold Weather Gloves – Youngstown

Cold Weather Gloves - Gifts Under $10Youngstown Cold Weather Gloves – are designed for working in cool winter climates, are durable, and highly dexterous.

We have a varied supply of warm gloves in different styles at our Counter Areas during Central and Northern New York’s cold months. Just ask any salesperson to try a pair on!

Hard Hat Liners – Stay Warm this Winter!

Hard Hat Liners - Gifts Under $10

Grab a hard hat liner or two when you pick up your cold weather gloves! (Item #R3S SRH11W) These liners are designed for keeping you warm when the weather turns cold.

These liners fit nicely under hard hats but can also be used to layer outdoor clothing or worn solo.

  • Keeps head, ears, and neck warm while serving as a nice windbreak.
  • Great for all outdoor activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, camping, and snow-blowing!
  • Compact and easy to store in your vehicle’s glove box, your tool box, or even your coat pocket– so you always have them when you need them!


Voltage Testers – Safety First!

Voltage Testers - Non Contact - Gifts Under $15A must have for every household and all tradespeople! Prevent Electrical Shocks by using the NO-Contact Voltage Testers.

Both the Low Voltage Model (Blue: Item # SAN 3215) and the model good for 1000VAC (Orange: Item # SAN 3000) sell for less than $15 each!

Lenox Gold Utility Knife with Titanium Edge – a True Tradesperson’s Knife!

LENOX Locking Tradesman Utility Knife (Item #10771) — This will be the last utility knife you’ll ever need!Lenox Gold Titanium Edge Utility Knife - Gifts Under $15

  • Compact size fits easily in the pocket.
  • Quick blade release button for fast blade changes.
  • EASY OPEN & CLOSE: Secure locking mechanism
  • Comfort Grip: Ergonomic rubberized grip
  • Multi-Use Tool:  Bottle opener, screwdriver, wire stripper and pipe reamer!

Pick up a 5 Pack of LENOX Gold  Titanium Edge Utility Blades (Item #20350-GOLD5C) to go with the knife!


IDEAL T-5 Wire Stripper – IDEAL for any Electrician on Your Gift List!

IDEAL T 5 Wire Stripper - Gifts Under $15You can’t go wrong with the IDEAL Reflex Premium T-5 T-Stripper Wire Stripper (Item # 45-415) for any electrician on your gift list!

  • Wire range #10 to #18 AWG solid.
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort.
  • Curved handles reduce wrist fatigue.
  • Sleeves that extend to stripping head to cushion thumb and fingers.
  • Textured no-slip sleeves provide a sure, easy grip.


The T-7 T-Stripper Wire Stripper – Perfect for Data, Control, and Telephone Projects!

IDEAL T-7 Wire Stripper - Gifts Under $15The T-7 T-Stripper Wire Stripper (Item # 45-125) is perfect for anyone who does data, control, and or telephone projects!

  • Wire range #22 to #30 AWG solid, #24 to #32 AWG stranded.
  • Form-ground, hardened, knife-type blades for accurate stripping.
  • Tough steel construction.
  • Built-in wire cutter and wire looping holes.
  • Plier nose for extra gripping strength.
  • Laser-etched wire gauge markings.
  • Spring-loaded automatic opening.
  • Corrosion-resistant, black oxide finish.

The Virtually Indestructible LED 3AAA Flashlight from Rayovac

Rayovac LED Flashlight DIY3AAAB - Gifts Under $15Check out this professional-grade high performance LED flashlight for the toughest jobs from Rayovac (Ray DIY 3AAA-B) and pick one up today!

  • 2 modes: 120 Lumens and 19 Lumens (energy saver)
  • Beam distance: 160 meters and 70 meters
  • Battery run time (alkaline batteries incl.): 5 hours / 40 hours (energy saver)
  • 30 Foot Drop Test Performance!
  • Ergonomic design with thumb area built in
  • Designed for maximum durability + simplicity
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • (3) AAA Rayovac alkaline batteries included


Insulated Screwdriver Set – Stay Safe When There’s no Alternative to Working it Hot!

IDEAL Insulated Screwdrivers for Hot Work - Gifts Under $15This quality Two piece Insulated Screwdriver Set (Item #359305) from IDEAL keeps you safe from accidental contact with electricity.

Don’t be caught without them when you absolutely must work on hot electrical components!

  • 1/4″ Slotted Tip and #2 Phillips Tip
  • Each driver has a 4″ Dual Injection Molded Insulated Shaft
  • Comfort grip – cushion-grip handles
  • Rated at 1000V