Philips StreetView LED Luminaire

Exceptional Optical Performance + Ingenious Thermal Design = Unbeatable Value

  • Efficient design and optics ensure maximum reliability and security for small or medium street lighting

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  • Accommodates different arm diameters
  • Tool-less access to electrical panel makes for easy maintenance 
  • New thermal management technology, and lightweight allows for competitive prices VS. HID Cobraheads
  • Uses no glass lens, which allows more target lumens to reach their destination.
  • System lifespan of components and driver up to 100,000 hours


PSV Instructions



-Push the latch to release the access door.                                                       –Slide the fixture onto the tenon



-Horizontal angle can be adjusted       -Evenly tighten the two bolts of the bracket



-Connect the service leads to the terminal block




Sure-Lites Pathlinx LED Emergency Light



A Simple Solution to Save you Money

  • Aesthetically designed and offers features do reduce egress system cost
  • Blends into environment while while expanding egress space lighting space in between remote units
  • Easy RJ45 connection features make it uncomplicated and efficient throughout installation
  • A number of different models to choose from


  • Five Year Warranty



RAB Lighting LFLED Brass

Soft Light from Tough Brassbrasspic

  • Equivalent to the 35W MR16
  •  Reducing energy consumption by 87% when compared to residential and commercial accent lighting
  • Perfect for use on boats, marinas, and coastal areas around salt water; brass construction allows it to stand up to corrosion
  • Flood and Spot light options
  • 5 year warranty with a 100,000 hour lifespan



WattStopper LC8 Volt Modular Contactor Panel


Controlling light indoors and out

  • Versatile panel for simple control of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface
  • Accommodates single-pole and two-pole relay modules
  • Eight universal switch inputs for low voltage switches, occupancy sensors or other devices to directly control each relay



Power input: 120/277 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Accessory Power: 500 mA at 24 VDC


 2013 Wattstopper




Eaton 1000 VDC

Adding Simplicity and safety to Large-scale Solar projects1000vdc

Switched Combiners

  • Combine multiple solar array strings into a single output
  • Meet the intent of NEC 690.16(B) – providing the ability to disconnect the load from fuse holders for servicing
  • Have a visible blade and means of disconnect for enhanced safety
  • Part of Eaton’s complete PV electrical balance of system solutions for utility-scale solar.


  • Are tested and listed by Underwriters to the UL98B standard
  • Enhance safety with a visible means of disconnect when the switch handle is in the off position
  • Are available in configurations from one to three circuits in a single enclosure, 30 – 400 amperes per circuit
  • Are designed for grounded and ungrounded PV systemseaton

 View the Eaton 1000 VDC Spec Sheet

Not All Dimming Technology is the Same

Call your City Electric salesperson to find out which dimming technology suits your needs.

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Syracuse: 315-474-7841

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Update to Wattstopper DLM Firmware

Adds powerful feature sets to improve dimming functionality newdlmfeatures

New Features Include:

  • The ability to set up an occupancy sensor to trigger a scene
  • Using an occupancy sensor or switch button to evoke hi/low instead of on/off
  • Configuring a switch button to dim lighting up or down
  • Limiting rocker paddle action to raising and lowering active loads
  • New DLM Features Brochure
  • More about Digital Lighting Management


Set Up:

  • Simple Controls all from your computer screen for more information view the features brochure



Stabiloy Type MC Cable with PVC jacket for Solar Applications

Specifically designed to meet the growing demand for renewable energy 2CMCCable_sm

  • Features
    • Available in 600 V and 2000 V
    • Environmentally friendly with a  lead-free and cadmium-free PVC jacket
    • Suitable for wet locations, direct burial, encased in concrete.
    • Factory tested engineered product that protects conductors from damage during installation
    • Spec Sheet


  • Application
    • Dramatically reduces installation time vs pipe and wire stabiloymethod
    • suitable for rooftop solar applications
    • Strong but lightweight alloy armor resists damage

TCP Stairwell Fixture T8

Saving Energy with Superior Technology

Bi-Level luminaire controlled by an ultrasonic motion sensor

  • Motion sensor lowers light when the space is unoccupied

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  • Replaces existing stairwell lighting that is continuously on


  • Constructed of heavy duty 20 gauge steel 
  • Post painted with a glossy, highly reflective white paint.


  • Time delay of 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes
  • Adjustable sensitivity optimizes coverage in the space
  • Sensor and power pack have a five year warranty                 

Applications include:

  • stairwells
  • corridors
  • hallways
  • restrooms 
  • laundry rooms

WattStopper: Digital Lighting Management

Quicker, Easier, More EffectiveDLM

  • No complex wiring, no different types of low voltage cable and no expensive training.
  • Within each room components operate a free-topology DLM local network
    • Simple diagrams replace cumbersome point-to-point wiring plans
  • Installation takes half the time of traditional energy saving lighting controls.

Energy Saving


Just Plug in components together in any order using CAT 5e cables with per-terminated RJ45.

RAB Lighting: SLIM

Ultra Performance in a Low ProfileRAB Slim Wallpack

  • Has achieved remarkable equivalencies
    • SLIM26 is equivalent to 175W metal halide
    • SLIM18 is equivalent to 100W metal halide
    • SLIM12 is equivalent to 70W metal halide
  • The SLIM is IP66 rated for wash down applications
  • Measures in at 4″ off the wall

Energy SavingsRAB SLIM

  • 100,000 hours of LED light







Philips: Affinium LED Display Modules

Making Food Look Even BetterPhilips

  • The latest in LED lighting for refrigerated displays
  • Designed to replace traditional fluorescent lamps inside vertical glass door refrigerated cases
  • Provides bright, consistent illumination without glare or hotspots

Energy Saving

  • Significant reduction in energy consumption
  • Elimination of hazardous substances such as Mercury and Lead









WattStopper: Isole Power Strip with Personal Sensor

An Elegant Way to Save EnergyIsole

  • Automatically turns all controlled devices on when workspace is occupied and off when unoccupied
  • Eight receptacle surge protector
    • six controlled
    • two uncontrolled
  • Timer Range: 30 seconds to 30 minutes

 Energy Savings

  • Plug and Play to Save.


2013 Wattstopper









Lutron: Pico Wireless Control

Control Light from AnywhereLutron Pico

  • Adjusts lights from anywhere in a space
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Lutron Products
  • Can control up to ten Lutron Maestro wireless dimmers,  lamp dimmers, or switches

 Ease of Use


  • Combines with Lutron products for a seamless integration









Ideal: HeatSeeker Thermal Imager

A Cool Way to See HotHeatSeeker

  • Hottest/coldest temperatures displayed instantly on live screen
  • Sequence image recording up to every hour or by alarm settings
  • Blended thermal/ digital image.

Ease of Use


  • Simple, easy to operate, interface



IDEAL Corp Logo 2-Color ProB







Eaton: Power Xpert Meters

An Expert so You Don’t Have to bePower Xpert Meter

  • Identify power quality problems such as harmonics, sags, swells, and transients
  • Prevents overheating, overworking, and general damage to assets



 Ease of Use

Embedded web server to see and analyze trends on web browser or LCD meter display









Cooper Lighting’s Crosstour LED

Wall Mount Luminaire

Cooper Lighting’s Crosstour LED Wall Mount Luminaire is the industry’s first universal “all-in-one” product design to satisfy a multitude of application needs.

Designed to replace up to 175-watt metal halide fixtures with the latest energy-efficient LED technology- The Lumark Crosstour™ LED Wall Pack Series offers superior optical performance, a low-profile aesthetic design, and easy installation!

  • Solutions for wall, surface, post (bollard), low-level and inverted installations.
  • Offers up to 90% energy savings compared to equivalent metal halide wall pack products.
  • Easily mounts to virtually any location.
  • Features the industry’s first universal back box design; includes an interface hinge that locks the door in place allowing stable handling when making the electrical connection!
  • Design options include three high-performance LED lumen packages
    •  10-watts (720 lumens),
    • 20-watts (1360 lumens)
    • 30-watts (2240 lumens)
    • Design options include and a choice of either brilliant white 5000K correlated color temperature (CCT) or a neutral warm 3500K CCT
    • Dark Sky Friendly, ADA Complaint, UL and cUL Wet Location listed, IP66 rated.
    • Has a projected LED life of 50,000 hours.

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