Philips Day-Brite Fluxstream LED Linear Strip

  • Exceptional long life providing 50,000 hour L70 lumen maintenancefluxstream-3
  • Helps maximize performance without compromise to visual comfort
  • Ideal for use in cold temperatures
  • Up to 33% energy savings compared to linear fluorescent
  • Sleek, compact design for tight spaces
  • 5 year warranty
  • Enclosed lens enhances visual comfort and protects LED boardpdb


Philips Lumec MiniView LED Roadway Luminaire

  • pl
  • Designed to eliminate the compromises of performance and value when choosing between existing HID and industry leading LED technology
  • The perfect solution when projects require a luminaire that meets specifications without sacrificing performance
  • Features a single IP66-rated LED module
    • Designed to provide crisp, brilliant white light that surpasses existing HID luminaire performancepl2
  • Optimized for applications such as local roads and residential streets
  • Makes upgrading to a reliable, long-lasting, low-maintenance LED lighting a simple cost-effective decision
  • 10-year limited warranty

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Philips InteGrade LED Systems

  • integrade
  • Excellent Total Cost of Ownership with potential energy savings of up to 65% compared to other lamps
  • Has superb asymmetrical optics which provides aesthetic integration of LED lighting
    • Enables seamless light lines with uniform light distribution
  •  Easy to Install with InteGrade cabling which allows connection to own connector system
  • Philips 5-year limited system warranty for both LED system and cabling


Philips Lighting EvoKit

  • The ideal retrofit for 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent troffers (min depth of 3″)evokit
  • Simple one person installation in under 5 minutes
  • New fixture look and performance without the need to enter the ceiling
  • Efficiency greater than 100 lumens per watt
  • Lifetime of 70,000 hours
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • DLC qualified in categories 37 and 39
  • Take a look at the spec sheets for the 2×2 or 2×4


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RAB LED Yardblaster

  • High output 26W LED yardblaster
  • delivers enough light to hit the broad side of a barn
  • Replaces 175W mercury vapor and 150W HPS barn lights
  • Durable finish withstands harsh environments
  • Comes in Cool, Neutral and Warm color temperature varieties
  • Wall or pole mountedRAB


Philips LED T8 Instantfit Lamps

  • Full light output in spaces with temperatures down to -22˚F untitled
  • Buildings that desire to be mercury free
  • Instant on, no flicker or buzz
  • Fits into existing linear fixtures
  • Compatible with Instant Start ballasts eliminating the need for rewiring and allows fixture to maintain original UL and CSA compliance
  • Over 41% energy savings vs F32T8 electronic instant start systems
  • Glass-free for use in food areas and refrigerated food displays
  • 4 year limited warrantyPhilips


Philips ProCore LED Lamps

  • Helps lower maintenance costprocore
  • Instant-on light
  • Contains no mercury
  • Emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam
  • Will not fade colors, helps avoid inventory spoilage
  • 3 to 4-year limited warranty

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400W equivalent LED from RAB Lighting

  • RABlightingled
  • 150W LED Floodlights and area lights replace 400W metal halide, without sacrificing light output.
  • Reduces energy consumption by 66%, with a $3510 savings over the life of the fixture.
  • A number of mounting options including:
    • Floodlight Trunnion
    • Floodlight Slipfitter
    • Area Lighting
    • Wallpack
  • At 10 hours of daily use, RAB LEDs are rated to last 27 years
  • 5 year warranty


Achieving Solar: The Fort Drum Solar Project


Kenny Vance


The below video is the solar project at Fort Drum, built by the Corp of Engineers in coordination with Lawman/ Beardsley design for design work and Lawman Heating and Cooling for installation. The array is the result of 4800 manhours, 60% of which was commissioned on July 30th 2013, with the remaining 40% to be commissioned on August 16th 2013. The finished system will have a capacity of 350.1 kWdc STC.



Modules: 1,373 SolarWorld SW255 Mono, 255 W STC

Inverters: 44 SMA SB7000US and 1 SMA SB6000US

RAB LED Goosenecks

Broan Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilators

BN Attic Fan

  • Uses energy from the sun to operate and require no additional electricity
  • save up to $180 per year that you might pay to operate an electric powered attic ventilator
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit on both the purchase price and installation costs



3M LED Advanced Light Bulb

One LED, Two Colors3M LED

  • Uses nearly 80 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb
  • Has a Warm Color and a Cool Color
    • The warm is for replacing the appearance of incandescent bulb and create an earthy tone
    • The cold work well for task lighting or for rooms with a blue hue
  • Contains no Mercury
  • Lasts up to 25 years



Trade Show Product 8: Ilsco Solar Power Connectors

Solar Panel Groundingilsco1

  • GBL-4DB Tin Plated Direct Burial Copper Lay-in Ground Bushing Lug
    • Stainless steel torque screw will not oxidize or corrode in earth or concrete
    • Designed for installation of continuous loop copper grounding conductors
    • Ground wire range 4-14
    • UL 467 Listed and CSA Certified for Grounding and Bonding

Combiner Box

  • TA Aluminum Mechanical Lug – Dual Ratedilsco2
    • High strength 6061-T6 aluminum is suitable for either copper or aluminum conductors
    • Electro-tin plated for low contact resistance
    • Range taking connector sizes from 4-14 to 1000kcmil-500kcmil
    • UL Listed and CSA Certified for 600 volts, 90°C
  • Neutral Bars
    • Available in high strength aluminum alloy or copper tubing
    • Wide Range of Conductor sizesilsco3
    • UL recognized and CSA Certified

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Trade Show Product 7: Solar World Sunmodule


Solar World is the largest and most experienced solar manufacturer in the USA, and maintains the highest standards of quality, performance, and durability.

  • Come in a variety of sizes for any application; residential or large scale
  • 10 year extended product workmanship warranty
  • Versatile frame with “top-down” and “bottom-up” mounting methods
  • 25 year linear performance guarantee
  • Factory-tested to meet or exceed their name plate power rating – even after initial light induced degradation.
  • Made in the USAsw-warranty







Trade Show Product 6: Ericson 3000 Series Tri-panel LED Work Light

Light VersatilityEricson3000series




Eaton PVGard Solar Circuit Breakers

PVGard Solar Circuit Breakers protect DC wiring in solar photovoltaic systems. Current ratings range from 15–600A with voltages up to 1000 Vdc. Trip units are calibrated at 100 percent of nameplate current in a 50ºC ambient environment, ensuring continuous operation in higher-temperature settings typical to solar installations.

  • Meets the higher voltage and lower fault current levels of solar systems
  • Can be applied in grounded or ungrounded systemsEatonPVGardSCB
  • Wide range of current ratings increases options for matching incoming strings
  • Tested to extreme ambient conditions from –40 to 90º C
  • Can be fed from top or bottom of breaker
  • Eliminates fuse stocking costs and matching issuesEaton
  • Meets or exceeds the standards of UL 489B for Photovoltaic Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Trade Show Product 4: RAB GLED

A Garage Light that’s Light on Energy

  • Yields a higher light output than its HID equivalent, maximizing spacing criterion with up to 25% reduction in fixture count. RABGLED
  • Not only will you save energy with LED, the 78 and 52 Watt GLED will also qualify you for most major utility rebates, nationwide.
  • Get 70% more efficiency with LED over HID.
    • 78 Watt GLED replaces 250 Watt MH.
    • 52 Watt GLED replaces 175 Watt MH.
  • Hanging plate and hooks for fast, tool-less wiring.
  • When used 24/7 for 10 years, all RAB LEDs are rated to last for 27 years.




Same Foot Print. Better Performance

  • Medium and large SLIM wallpacks deliver high output, high efficiency light with a design that covers the footprint of most traditional wallpacks.

rab wallpack








  • With up to 320W MH equivalency and 78 LPW, SLIM delivers the efficiency you want in LED
  • Has glare-reducing microprismatic diffusion lenses that are available standard or full cutoff which meets dark-sky requirements
  • Has hinged wiring access, a bubble level for mounting, and conduit entry from the back for easy installation
  • comes with 5 year ‘no compromise’ warranty



Philips Lamps: In Stock

Save Money, Save Energy, Gain ValuePhilipsLEDGeneric

LED energy-saving LED light bulbs offer a high-quality, energy efficient alternative to incandescent lamps. Going forward, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities.

Switching to higher efficiency LED lighting can help reduce your electric bill and the frequency of bulb replacements, preserve our environment and create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

In the last 10 years, LED technology has progressed to become brighter than ever before. The brightness will continue to improve further in the future, enabling LED technology to be integrated into more applications.

Philips offers a wide section of LED lighting, unrivaled in quality and style:

Philips PAR30S LED Retail Optic Lamps

Superior Lighting Aesthetics, Optical Thermal Efficiency

  • Retail Optic reduces glare to improve shopper experiencePhilipsPAR30S
  • 25,000-hour rated average life
  • 12W PAR30S saves 63 watts when compared to a 75W halogen PAR30S
  • 83 CRI for excellent colored rendering
  • Will not fade colors, avoids inventory spoilage
  • 5-year limited warranty



Philips A-shaped Dimmable LED Lamps

Attractive, Dimmable LED alternative to Popular Incandescents

  •  New bulb shape to compliment fixtures and decorPhilipsAshaped
  • 8W A19 LED bulb is ENERGY STAR Qualified and replaces a 40W incandescent equivalent A19 bulb
  • 11W A19 LED bulb is ENERGY STAR Qualified and replaces a 60W incandescent equivalent A19 bulb
  • 25,000-hour rated average life
  • 3-year limited warranty



Philips DimTone BR30 Dimmable LED Lamps

Perfect Ambiance for LessPhilipsDimToneBR30

  • Transition from 2700K to 2200K with dimming
  • 13W BR30 LED saves 80% in energy compared to a 65W halogen BR30
  • 25,000-hour rated average life
  • flexibility to create the right light level and ambiance
  • Integrated seamlessly into recessed luminaires
  • Uniform light distribution with greater visual comfort




Philips PAR20 Dimmable LED Lamps

High Efficiency Dimmable LED Reflector LampPhilipsPAR20

  • 8W PAR20 saves 42 watts of energy when compared to a 50W halogen PAR20
  • 45,000-hour rated average life
  • smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels
  • Excellent color rendering of 84 CRI
  • 3 – 5 year limited warranty depending upon operating hours



Philips EnduraLED PAR30 Dimmable LED Lamps

Less Weight, Less Energy, Less CostPhilipsEnduraLEDPar30

  •  13W Par30S saves 62 watts of energy when compared to a 75W halogen PAR30S
  • 45,000-hour rated average life
  • Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels
  • Excellent color rendering of 82 CRI
  • Lowers maintenance cost by reducing re-lamp frequency
  • 3 to 5 year limited warranty depending upon operating hours



Philips EnduraLED PAR38 Dimmable LED Lamps

Optimal Efficiency in a Sleek Lightweight DesignPhilipsEnduraLEDPAR38

  • 19.5W PAR38 saves 100.5 watts of energy when compared to a 120W halogen PAR38
  • 45,000-hour rated average life
  • Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels
  • Excellent color rendering of 83 CRI
  • Will not fade colors, avoids inventory spoilage’3 to 5 year limited warranty depending on operating hours



Philips BR Dimmable LED Lamps

Low on Energy, Low on Weight, High on DesignPhilipsBRdimmable

  • The 13W BR30 LED Lamp saves 52 watts of energy when compared to a 65W incandescent BR30
  • 25,000-hour rated average life
  • Excellent color rendering of 82 CRI
  • Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels
  • Will not fade colors, avoids inventory spoilage
  • 5-year limited warranty depending upon operating hours



Philips Dimmable Candle LED Lamps


New LED Technology, Same Elegant Design

  •  25,000-hour rated average life for a 3.5W LED candle
  • 3.5W LED candle saves 21.5 watts of energy when compared to a standard 25 W incandescent candle
  • Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels
  • Emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam
  • Installs into existing candelabra and medium base fixtures
  • 3-year limited warranty depending on operating hours



Philips MR16 Dimmable LED Lamps

 High Performance LED Accent Lighting

  • 40,000 hour rated average life for 7W MR16MR16
  • Provides quality white light and a crisp, uniform beam
  • active cooling technology to to disperse heat
  • Emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam
  • lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency
  • 3 to 5 year limited warranty



Philips CorePro LED Lamps

Reduce Wattage and Lower Maintenance CostsPhilipscorepro

  •  Blend seamlessly into any application:
    • Where lights are on for an extended period of time
    • Where lamps are in hard-to-reach areas
    • For applications that require environmentally friendly lighting.
  • Contain no mercury
  • Emit virtually no UV/IR light in the beam



Philips EnduraLED Family of lamps


The Philips EnduraLED family of retrofit lamps are designed to be stable, dependable and consistent—delivering performance you can count on.

They provide 

  • long-lasting performance
  • energy efficiency
  • lower life-cycle costs by reducing re-lamp frequency
  • a white light ambiance for a wide range of applications

The long rated average life of these lamps can cut  maintenance and relamping costs to a mere fraction of your current expense. And, reduced relamping means less waste goes to the landfill.

With a wide variety of EnduraLED lamps to choose from, they’re guaranteed to have what you’re looking for.

EnduraLED Compatibility Sheet

 Philips EntraLED video for more information